What if you could wake up each workday morning and not dread responding to all the comments and questions on Facebook…  blog topic research…  bookkeeping…  the emails…?

But instead…

you only had to focus on growing the blog…  the upcoming product launch…  ideas for your podcast…?

What if there was someone who enjoyed taking care of the details that take up so much brain space in the entrepreneur’s mind?  Hi, my name is Dawn Francisco and I’m a Virtual Assistant.  And taking care of details like those above are all in a day’s work.

My previous job as an executive assistant for a department head certainly kept me busy!  I enjoyed my role as a support for my boss.  But as the children came along, I didn’t want to leave them in daycare or with a nanny.  When I discovered virtual assisting, I realized it was the perfect solution!  It’s not too different from what I used to do in the office.  Entrepreneurs want their work done efficiently, accurately and promptly.

The entrepreneur doesn’t have to worry about paying for office supplies, health insurance or even office space.  And I don’t have to worry about being out of the house every morning at 8:00 am (or earlier!). 

It’s a WIN-WIN!

Things I love:

My family

Saving time (thanks Walmart grocery pick-up!)

Reading home blogs

Dark chocolate!

My Maltese

Most importantly, Jesus