Can You Afford a Virtual Assistant?

Is there one work task that you would be happy to never do again?

What if someone could do that for you? Each day, week or month you wouldn’t have to deal with that particular item again – wouldn’t that be great?  Even better, you could take the time you used to do this dreaded task and do something productive with your business.

What is one hour worth to you? To your business?  If you paid someone to take over a task for one hour, would you come out ahead?  Staying with that example, what about five hours? Ten hours?

Let’s look at that a little closer.  If you make $50 per hour and you offload a task for an hour at $20 per hour, that nets you $30.  Now what if you took that hour and used it to make your business more productive.  After a while, your hours would be worth more than $50, maybe it’s closer to $75.  This nets you $55. Then multiply that with how many hours you work a week.  Do you see where I am going with this?

Your first thought about hiring a virtual assistant may have been – I can’t afford to.  Once you give it some thought, you may realize you can’t afford NOT to hire out!