Productivity Tips for Bloggers

We all know that bloggers have so many things to do!  That is just the nature of the craft.  You wear too many hats and some don’t fit very well!  I bet your daily task list looks longer at the end of the day than it did when you started!  And maybe, just maybe, the words time management make your head spin.  What to do?  I have a few productivity tips for you that may help.  A few of these tips are completely free.  Other tips may be a bit of an investment.

Let’s look at some free tips.

Can you automate any of your tasks?  Maybe set up an auto template for emails?  Do you have your website auto saving each day?  What about a management tool like Buffer or Hootsuite for your social media?

Another possible solution to free up some time is batching your tasks.  When you check email, take care of what you need to, then shut it down for a few hours.  Turn off notifications so that you don’t get distracted.  It will still be there later.  What about weekly projects like podcasting?  Can you take 1-2 days and record all the podcasts for the month?  It will be fresh in your mind and then you can forget about it until next month.

Lastly there is time blocking.  Setting aside blocks of time that you will just work on a particular project or task.  No switching from task to task, just concentrating on giving your all to one thing.  Write a handful of rough-draft posts each Tuesday morning, for example.  On Thursday afternoon block off time to polish the drafts and schedule them to be posted.

Now for the tips that require some outsourcing.

Maybe you have tried some or all the above ideas and it’s just not cutting it.  The daily work is overwhelming and takes the joy of blogging away. Could you hire a creative teen to make some Pinterest graphics?  Or a fast-typing teen to type up the transcription for your podcasts.  What about outsourcing small one-time jobs to Fiverr?

Maybe you need help on a larger scale with ongoing technical tasks like website maintenance or SEO?  Or you may want someone to take care of all your social media.  A virtual assistant will be your best possibility for these types of continuing tasks.  I wrote a post listing other tasks a VA can do to help out.

You are busy but with a little help, blogging doesn’t have to be an overwhelming job.  It can be something you look forward to each day!