What Tasks Should I Outsource First?

Help! I’m overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done!  I don’t even have time to train a virtual assistant!  Arrrgghhhh!!

Stop and take a deep breath.  You can do this!

Now you may be thinking – how can I know what I should hand off to my virtual assistant first?  Make a list of tasks that don’t specifically need you to do them.  Then circle one or two of those tasks that take a large part of your time.  Would one of these be easy to hand off to your assistant?  A task that would make a big difference in your work flow since you won’t have to do it anymore?  Here are a few ideas to get you started.


We all know that emails take a LOT of time to deal with each day.  Opening, reading, replying, putting the information on our to-do list and if necessary, filing the email so we can retrieve the information later.  Doing these steps each day will slow our productivity.  A task like email, while time consuming, isn’t difficult.

A virtual assistant can easily step in and handle most emails, especially if she makes templates for the repetitive ones that need replies.  While there will still be some emails that are necessary for you to answer, most could probably be handled without you even seeing them.  Having inbox zero at the end of the day could be an actual possibility!


Another task you may run into frequently is research.  You need data about a certain subject for your market research, an inexpensive plane ticket for an important conference (the VA can even book your travel plans) or even a current topic for your blog.  An individual task won’t overload your time, but doing a few of these research tasks will definitely slow your productivity.  Give them all to your virtual assistant and watch your to-do list shrink!


What about those pesky receipts for office supplies or your new laptop?  Wouldn’t it be great to just take pictures of the receipts and send them to the virtual assistant?  Then you can relax knowing they were entered in their correct accounts for the correct amounts.  Any time you need to know who owes you or what you owe others, just ask the virtual assistant for a report.

No more eyes glazing over as you try to analyze your profit margin surrounded by stacks of paper hiding the receipts and invoices.  Just you relaxing with the business financials at your fingertips.

Need more ideas of what you can hand off to your virtual assistant?  Check out this post.  Then start a new list – one that focuses on growing your business.