What Type of Support Are You Looking For?

As a busy entrepreneur, you have a massive amount of work on your plate!  Virtual assistants are highly recommended for entrepreneurs because they allow the business owner to grow their business without overwhelm.  Inc.’s columnist Amy Vetter wrote a post that outlines reasons to hire virtual assistants.

Now that you’re convinced hiring a VA is going to move your business forward, how much support from the VA are you looking for?  There are two main types of support a VA can give you.  The first is a virtual assistant who gets the job done and fulfills only the requirements.  The other is a virtual assistant who ‘gets’ you, your business and has a plan to succeed.

Thinking about the above question, what would be the best fit for you?  A VA who does nothing more and nothing less than the job will have a lower price point than one who goes beyond the required work.  Maybe all you need is simple work done that you don’t have time to do.  Your preference may be someone whose job is very clearly defined.  You will still benefit from having a VA.

The other option, a VA that has a sense of what your business is about and goes above and beyond the requirements, could be a better fit for most entrepreneurs.  Here are some reasons I believe this to be so:

 1. Original ideas

The VA probably has some ideas that haven’t crossed the entrepreneur’s mind on how to handle the ordinary as well as complications.  They are on the lookout for ways to improve systems.

2.  More time to try new things

They have more time than the entrepreneur and can experiment with new structures and applications.  They may have already used some systems that are better than the current ones.

3.  See the vision

The VA catches the vision for the business and has the entrepreneur’s back, so to speak.  The more the entrepreneur succeeds, the more the VA does too!  Not only can the VA boost the business owner’s income, but it will help their peace of mind.

A dedicated virtual assistant, especially if they are experienced, helps the business owner grow and expand their business.  In this post, I list a few reasons for utilizing an experienced virtual assistant.  Are you convinced your business needs a virtual assistant?