Why Hire an Experienced Virtual Assistant?

If you read the last post about hiring an inexperienced virtual assistant, you might have thought those reasons didn’t apply to you.  You may be looking for an experienced virtual assistant.  Let’s look at a few reasons why this option may work better for you.

You’re looking for someone who knows what needs to be done.  They have worked with many different systems, applications and processes; they may even be able to suggest ones that will work better than what you’re currently using.  You don’t have time to train them and are willing to pay a higher price for this.

You can bounce ideas off of them and they may even have other ideas on how to grow your business!  And experienced VA can easily see the big picture and the steps to getting it all done.

The accomplished VA knows about how many hours a project will take and will be able to price it accordingly.

Finally, if the VA isn’t familiar with a certain aspect of a project or system, they’ll do one of two things.  They’ll know who to ask about it or will refer another VA for that particular project.  Either way, you’ll still be able to get it done!

The veteran VA has ‘niched down’ and will be outstanding in their chosen field!